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Awesome Metal Restorations -- antique metal repair and refurbishing.
Awesome is owned and operated by Joseph Grenon.

From the spoons that feed us, to the lamps
that light our way -- our lives are filled with objects made of various metals.

Time and use, weather and environment, neglect and abuse all commonly take revenge on metals. Periodically such objects come to need attention, repair and refurbishing.

The mission here is to: treat each metal object with respect and affection; understand how that object fits in the life of its owner; repair its breaches; interpret a strategy, suitable to the owner,  that will restore the item to usefulness and enhance its luster, color and beauty.

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Serving the Washington DC region and beyond.
Awesome Metal Restorations is owned and operated by Joseph Grenon, an expert in the repair and refurbishment of anything metal.
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