Awesome was established in 1972 by Boris Paskvan and Sonya Tarabocchia. Joseph Grenon took over the business in August of 2003.
Joseph Grenon founded  "The Place Where Louie Dwells Inc." in 1983, on King St. in Alexandria, Va.
 "Louie"  moved to Duke St. in 1985, and again to Falls Church in 1995. "The Place Where Louie Dwells" was destroyed by fire in July of 2001.
During that time, "Louie" offered restoration services for most materials including wood, metal, glass, china, porcelain, gilded artifacts and all of their related components. Only upholstery was not offered. Over the years Grenon has worked with dozens of professional conservators many of whom were in his employ. He attended a 3 year series of graduate level courses for furniture conservators at the Smithsonian Conservation Analytical Laboratory in Suitland, Md., from 1988 to 1991.

In 1989 he was chosen to be a member of a training group for professional conservators given at the Canadian Conservation Institue. 
He has completed all the course material to be a certified licensed personal property appraiser through the American Association of Appraisers. 
Grenon has been responsible for treating literally thousands of objects. He has developed a huge set of skills which he calls upon to solve each new problem individually.  He keeps an open mind, and focuses on customizing a plan for each object that will satisfy each client's wishes and budget. He will always give you his  honest asssessment and best advice. The choice of how to proceed, once informed of your options will be left to you.

Serving the Washington DC region and beyond.
Awesome Metal Restorations is owned and operated by Joseph Grenon, an expert in the repair and refurbishment of anything metal.
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